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If you are considering to spend some time at the seaside, then Cariló is certainly a good option. It is located about 350 km from Capital, between Pinamar and Villa Gesell. Cariló is rather small, and has a ‘center’ of about 2 (short) streets, with lots of shops and restaurants. All the roads are sand roads, and Cariló is situated in the middle of a forrest, which makes it cool and gives a lot of shade in summer.  There are many places to stay, we chose for an hotel/appart, right on the beach, which was really nice.

There are lots of appartments close to the sea, but not one is higher then 3 floors, and as soon as you go inland there are only houses. It is a very nice and tranquile place, where the ATV (cuatri) is a popular way to move around. At the outskirts there is a place in the dunes which is really beautiful, where you can go and drive around with your 4×4 (car or ATV). We even drove all the way south of Mar Azul for more (empty) dunes.

You can also go horsebackriding on the beach, or just have long walks, or chill on the beach, but for that last part, I suggest you wait until summer :).

I love Cariló!

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