La Rural

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At this moment, you can go to the 124th “La Rural’, which is a Rural exhibition, where livestock and horses are showed (but also cars, food, clothes,…). It is held every year in the buildings of ‘La Rural’ which are celebrating their centenario this year.

This “exhibition Internacional de Agricultura y Ganaderia” was held for the 1st time in these buildings, in 1910, when celebrating Argentina Centenario. They are unique in the world, although build especially for this exhibition, it also used for other exhibitions and fairs.

It is open until the 3th of august, from 9 to 20. There are over 430 exhibitors, over 4000 animals, there are concourses, shows, exhibitions, you can taste al kind of regional products.

Today there was a show of traditional horses and riders. The riders as well as the horses were dressed up to go out and looked really wonderfull!

It is a defenitely worth a visit, and don’t forget to take your camera!

La Rural website

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