The Joy of Driving in Buenos Aires

I absolutely love driving in Buenos Aires. Although it looks very chaotic, in fact it isn’t : every car that is in front of you has the right of way. So in fact you must only look ahead, see what they are doing and anticipate.

This means that you don’t really have to check the cars that are behind you (which I still do); when you are driving on the left lane out of 8, you can turn right without any problem (this I do quite often); when traffic is slow in front of you (or when someone stops for a pedestrian) you use our horn (am still practicing on this). Sometimes when the traffic light is red it is “safer to drive then to stop” (or so do the locals say) : that’s a hard one! (I find that impossible to do). You don’t have to stop for pedestrians (which I still do, so cars behind me use their horns)…This are only a few differences with the driving that I was used to in Belgium. Although I must admit that in Belgium traffic is more agressive then it is here. (yes, that is posible!)

I add a link to a good article written by Dave, another expat, He is right in every way 🙂

The Joy of Driving in Buenos Aires.

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