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This 3-day fashion “week”, takes place in La Rural, and is supposed to follow the example of the fashion weeks in other major cities in the world. I have never been to any fashion week, so I cannot compare, but this one I definitely find… boring.

It is small, in the middle of the blue hall is a walled place where (presumably) the fashion shows take place on one or more catwalks, but the waiting lines –that are not, or hardly, moving- are huge. At different places you can get a “photo shoot” (you have to –again- wait in line, hold a publicity board and a photographer takes with great ostentation, a Polaroid photo). Of course the spotlights are quite impressive for all the would-be models that are more then willing to wait ages for their turn.

There are a few rather small ‘cupboards’ where you can see some clothes or jewels, but nothing impressive.

Both my daughter and me are real fashion lovers and we always want to know what the latest trends and fashions are, so we went with high expectations, but our desire to know and see what Argentine designers bring was not big enough to endure the long waiting lines. Unlike many Argentines, we are not that patient.

The entrance costs $25, the parking $17, probably only worth it if you are prepared to wait a lot before you see something, whether that something is interesting or not, I can not tell.

La Rural, 11,12,13 th of August, more details on this website.