How about the Argentine ice cream?

Some people put “ice cream” in their top 5 of things they like in Argentina. I never did. I had only eaten Freddo once in a while, and really, I didn’t think it was worth putting on wheight for.

So why Freddo? Why not Volta or Persicco? Well I must admit, because I was told Freddo was the best and because I never tried the others. That is, until this weekend. Not only was Volta super-delicious, they also had my favourite flavour, “mokka” of coffee. Unfortunately there is a Volta close to my house, and with the summer coming, it will be hard for me to pass by without buying a delicous cone.

So I guess that now ‘the battle’ has begon. Which is the best ice cream? Which ice cream do you like the most? Is it Freddo, Volta or Persicco ? I have yet to try the last brand (there does not seem to be any close to my house) but meanwhile, you can start voting !

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