It takes 2 to ….

Buenos Aires is tango paradise, right? Therefore it does not surprise me when people (mostly foreigners) ask me when I tell them I live in Buenos Aires “So you dance the tango?”. No I don’t. I am not a tango kind of girl (what ever that is). I am more into salsa. But then again, it takes 2 to …

But then why would I buy tangoshoes???

“No woman needs more than one pair of shoes. But when it comes to shoes and women, the word need doesn’t make any sense.” said Alicia Muñiz, founder of “Comme il faut“.

That is where a friend of mine took me today. A small shop at the end of the Rue des Artisans in Arenales, on the 3th floor. As soon as you enter the boudoir style small room, you feel at home. The only thing that’s missing is a coctail or a glass of champagne. There are hardly any shoes to be seen, but they make you sit down, ask your shoe size and before you know it there are piles of shoeboxes in front of you. Lovely shoes. The saleswoman sees imediately  which style you like the most and brings even more shoes. I was not going to buy anything. I was really convinced about that, but I happen to have this thing with shoes… and I really couldn’t help falling in love with the 1st pair!

Home I imediately went to my wardrobe to check when I would be able to wear them and guess what? Apart from not being a tango dancer, I realised that I have absolutely nothing that goes with the shoes. Hmmm. It looks like I have some more shopping to do! I will have absolutely no other choice.

If you love tango, or if you don’t : check this place out!

Arenales 1239 puerta 3 dto. M, check out the website for more information about Alicia Muñiz and Comme il Faut.

5 responses to “It takes 2 to ….”

  1. A great choice! I am sure you will find many clothes to buy and match… but also they could be salsa shoes, why not?

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