The streets of Buenos Aires

How are the streets of Buenos Aires? Watch this youtube video clip of Chayanne, a singer from Puerto Rico who is currently touring  in Argentina.

I absolutely love Chayanne, although my husband and kids absolutely dislike my love for him. Well my husband is probably just jealous (yes this guy IS handsome, isn’t he?), and my kids dislike everyone who does not sing in English (teenagers, right?).

This clip was filmed in Buenos Aires and is so typical that I decided to post it here to show it to those who have never been here. Check the wide chaotic streets where cars shift between lanes (read my previous post : the joy of driving in Buenos Aires) and the 2nd part, where Chayenne gets off his motorcycle and starts to dance (a few blocks from my house) is something that can really happen here!

Actually I am still waiting for a handsome Latino who is willing to stop the traffic and start singing and dancing for me just like Chayanne does here. Yes I know, I am married. My otherwise perfect husband isn’t the romantic type. Moreover, he does not have a motorcycle, and he’s blond and blue eyed. Keep on dreaming Katti!

7 responses to “The streets of Buenos Aires”

  1. Exactly I will buy a moto and wait for the girl in a convertible at corner of my street! Chayanne can go to the other corner for Katti!

  2. Querido Tio Lieven!

    Geen zorgen geen zorgen.. Chayanne is de grootste homo in de latino wereld. Laat me weten wanneer je de moto aanschaft, kom ik mee wachten… 🙂

  3. Have just read some entries of your blog after a year approximately, it is really interesting and it was fun to read about the Chayanne video.
    Well, if you are getting as lucky as with your mobile communications (I dont see you complain lately) perhaps you can find your latino at the next red light soon 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right, I have no problems with communication anymore (quite the contrary everything is going smoothly) so I guess I should never give up hope to see the latino a red light JAJA! 😀

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