I’m back!

After a long silence I figured it’s about time I start writing again. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, traveled to the first world. It had been a while since I was there, more then a year actually. I didn’t really miss it I must say, but when the date slowly approached I was really happy and looking forward to seeing my family and friends again (although we already had lots of friends and family visiting us). I looked forward to just stroll in the streets of what I call my home town (Gent), and visit my favourite cities (Antwerp, London and Paris), eat all the things I was craving for, spend hours in bookstores and buy all the things I can’t find here.

Last time I was there my agenda was completely full and I came home exhausted. This time I didn’t want to live through that again, so I landed with an (as good as) empty book. Friends and family have now realized they must grab every moment to be together. So they were all adapting their agenda, even taking a day off from work, go out at night in the middle of the week when they normally don’t. All that just to see me! They made me enjoy every moment of my trip. I went to every place I wanted, dined at every restaurant I had longed for, ate all the food I had missed here.

In a way it felt as if I had never left. But I must admit that after one year things change. Restaurants go, others come. Shops disappear and make place for others. But the people are basically the same. Especially with Facebook, Skype, FaceTime and Whatsapp, friends and family stay close, even if you live at the other side of the world.

The only thing that really bothered me was the grey weather, which surprised me as I am so used to the good weather here that I was sure I could get through a couple of weeks of gloomy weather. It bothered me more then it did before! How could I ever live there??!!

Still I was extremely happy to come “home” because that is what Argentina is for me (almost 1,5 year I live here) and get on with my life.

The kids (17 and 15) seem to be really settled here too. I was afraid the (long) time they spend with their old friends would bring them out of balance, but it seems they have never been happier. They had the time of their lives. After all, Belgians don’t move, so if you do you are considered “exotic”. Everyone wanted to see them, invited them, and now added them to Facebook… But it looks like they are now ready to start the new school year. See their Argentine friends again. They are full of renewed energy. Just like me. I’m ready to blog again!

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