Carmina Burana, a ballet.

In Buenos Aires there are often free concerts organised. From Ballet to Classical music and other performances or cultural activities. This week there was a ballet performance by the contemporary ballet of Teatro San Martin, directed by the choreographer Mauricio Wainrot (former choreographer of ‘Het Ballet Van Vlaanderen” (ballet of Flanders) and “Les ballets Jazz de Montreal”), to the music of Carmina Burana (Orff).

Carmina Burana (‘songs from Bueren’) is the biggest and most famous collection of medevial stories. The manuscript of the 13th century is based on earlier texts, and originates from the abbey of Benedictbueren in what is now Germany. In 1937 Carl Orff put the texts to music.

They were written by vagabonds, this were members of the clergy, students and graduates, who traveled around during the middle ages. Most of the texts are anonymous. They were written in Latin, Old German and Old Provencal (French). They are about nature in spring, and are criticism on the lawless life of the established clergy, particularly the monks.

This performance was in the amphiteatro of Eva Peron in the Parque de Centenario. The tickets were free and could be picked up 2h prior to the performance. It is a nice place to go and see a concert or other, in the middle of the city, but still in open air. The theatre was packed.

The performance itself left me with mixed feelings, some parts being very good, but several parts were not synchronous and thus gave me the impression of being amateurish. Nonetheless I really enjoyed the performance, and loved the music.

I will be looking out what’s next.

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