Veranito de San Juan, take II

I must say I am quite dissapointed. Last year around this time I found out about this Veranito de San Juan, which should have been around the last week of june. Looks like the little summer in the middle of winter has let us down this year!

Too bad… in life, nothing is certain anymore. 😉

2 responses to “Veranito de San Juan, take II”

  1. I am an Australian woman living in Hong Kong and looking at moving to Buenos Aires with 3 children, am I stupid or brave? Can I really do this and be happy and have my children in a country that still values family, friends and life or am I driving a dream that is not realistic.

    • I moved here with my kids, so I don’t think it is stupid…
      Some people love it here, other people hate it and I belong to the first group. Both of my kids are doing well!
      Good luck!

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