The end of travels

Probably one of the biggest downsides of moving to the other side of the world, especially if you have kids, is that it puts an end to all your travels, except those between your new and your old home country.

Of course traveling ‘home’ isn’t really considered ‘traveling’. You don’t see any new things, except maybe some temporary exhibition. You don’t really do something new, except maybe go to a new restaurant. You don’t really meet new people as you are too absorbed in meeting family and old friends. You don’t relax as you are constantly running from A to Z. And the few moments that you are free you spend shopping for that one typical toothpaste your husbands wants, that one facial cream they don’t have in Argentina, that particular spread your son wants to take home etc. If you then still find a moment free, you call that one friend you want to meet again to fill up that little time. Sit down all by yourself and just chill usually isn’t on the agenda. Reading a book, watch your used-to-be favourite TV show, go for a lonely walk on the beach… Things you used to love doing when you were still living there have changed into memories.

It is an unexpected turn in our lives, considering that we have always travelled extensively. In fact, I used to live from one trip to the next, started planning the following trip when I had hardly unpacked from the previous one. Exploring other countries, cities, cultures ; it all stopped when we fell in love with Argentina, in 2003, and even more when we moved there in 2009.

So I thought it was time to take our lives back into our hands and put the kids on a plane to spend their winter break with the grandparents in sunny Europe, prepare our suitcase with other things then presents for friends and family, and start exploring new worlds. There are still so many places to be seen, and after living in Argentina, there is no such thing as distances anymore.

We have now put a definite end to the typical expat-way of traveling, back and forth between old and new home country. And we’ll be back in Argentina, with our heads full of new experiences and a camera full of photos, just in time to enjoy the last winter weeks, before spring starts -slowly- in September.

This must be the best of both worlds.

5 responses to “The end of travels”

  1. Love your blog.

    I am from Argentina but currently living in Boston. Sometimes I wonder what it is that I miss so much. This blog helps me remember!

  2. Katti,
    Zeer goede blog en onderwerpen! Wonen ook sinds begin 2010 in Ba en zijn ook verliefd op de stad . Denk dat we in zelfde buurt ( montevideo /posadas ) wonen omdat je zelfde plaatsen frequenteert . Enige wat we missen is gebrek aan culinaire variëtiet . Maar de tip van Myette lijkt wel goed ! of zelf koken ,natuurlijk alhoewel je wat moet zoeken om alle ingredienetn te vinden …
    Vele groeten,

    • Bedankt!
      We wonen inderdaad niet zo ver.
      Klopt, het eten kan nogal saai zijn. Ik vermijd ondertussen de typische Argentijnse restaurants met steak/milanesa/pasta, wegens oververzadiging en verveling, en ben steeds op zoek naar goede restaurantjes die eens ‘wat anders’ serveren. Wat het zelf koken betreft vind je in barrio Chino wel veel dingen die ze elders niet hebben (de beste vis, goed varkensvlees, specerijen en natuurlijk ook… Nutela). Misschien moet ik hier ook eens een artikel aan wijden. 🙂

      • Onze beste keuzes van restos : Circulo Massimo ( Libertad ) , dan was er een goed adres dat nu dicht is Xperimental Raw food Bar en verder La Moreneta in San Telmo : kok had een ster resto in Mallorca , heeft in El Bulli gewerkt en heeft nu eenvoudig resto met uitstekende dagschotels en dan nog Yuki in de buurt van Congreso , een echt authentiek Japans resto.
        Verder heb je op , een site gemaakt door de Fransen in BA ook steeds goede tips.

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