It is a fact that food in Argentina is genuinely good. As everybody in the world knows, even those who have never been to Argentina, the meat is the best in the world. And the way they prepare it, slowly on the parilla, makes it exeptionaly tender, tasteful and unique. Trust me in this : I was practically a vegetarian before I came here, but I never say no to an asado.

The typical Argentine restaurants always have meat (asado) on their menu, together with chicken (pollo), and milanesa (breaded veal escalope, but here it also comes with chicken). In some places they also have pasta, but always with the same sauces : fileto (tomato), blanca (and yes, you can mix these two then you its called ‘rosa’), and roquefort.

And that must be about it. Although Argentina has a huge coastline, and a lot of fish is caught every day, this is mostly used for export. In general Argentines never, or hardly ever, have fish.

Argentine kitchen is what we call in Belgium an ‘honest kitchen’, meaning the ingredients are pure and and there is nothing (bad) hidden behind strong sauces or herbs. What you taste is what you get. But then apart from salt and occasionally some basil, no herbs are added, so wherever you go, the food always tastes the same. As a tourist, this never bothered me, but after living here for a while I started craving for change.

And that is when I started looking for restaurants that serve something different. There are of course restaurants like La Bourgogne and Palacio Duhau, but these come quite pricy, but fortunately there are others.

These are my favorites, but whoever has tips and recommendations, let me know!

Bella Italia
La Olla de Felix