Very N’ice

I was terribly excited when I heard that there would be an ice skating ring here in BA. Isn’t it fun to go ice skating in the middle of a city surrounded by houses and buildings? In any case, I love it! Now we don’t have to fly to Europe or New York for that, we have it in our own southern american city.

I went to have a look, but was quite dissapointed when I saw a very small skating ring, full of people -all of them beginners trying to move slowly without falling- all wearing a Fluo jacket as if they are schoolkids about to get lost. I was missing the Christmasmarket around the ring and especially the gluhwine, for those not skating, or to warm up after a few nice rounds of skating, but then I suppose that means I still have the seasons mixed up. (Didn’t I consider putting out the christmas tree as well?)

It is a skating ring without spirit. Not for the experienced skaters…


Buenos Aires sobre hielo,

Plaza Uruguay, free entrance if you have DNI, until 25th of august. So hurry up!

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