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Another film by Borensztein (2005), also known from ‘Un Cuento Chino’. With Marcelo Mazzarello (Felipe), Gastón Pauls (Guillermo) and Indio Apachaca (Víctor).

The movie starts with Felipe who sees a man who wants to commit suicide. This guy says he is ‘mufa’ and said there is no other option for him then to take his life.

A ‘mufa‘ is someone who brings extreme bad luck. In Argentina, if you talk or even come close to a mufa, you must put one hand on your right testicle or on your brest, to protect yourself from the bad luck the mufa brings.

Felipe manages to convince the mufa not to take his life, and to cross the street towards him, but he gets caught by a truck and dies anyway. That is when the extreme bad luck of the mufa is transferred to Felipe. From that moment on, the mufa is Felipe, and everything goes wrong..

It is a story about good luck and bad luck, about destiny, and about how fate can change all of a sudden.

“La suerte esta echada” is the Spanish version of  ‘alea iacta est’, a famous saying by Julius Caesar. In English ‘the die is cast’ which means that there is no way back. But isn’t there really?

Rent the movie, it is fun, maybe not as funny as un Cuento Chino, but still very good.