Yes she is going to stay with us for the next 4 years. Cristina, that is. She had lost a lot of her popularity over the soya crisis 2 years ago, and when she lost her husband last year, everyone seem to think it was over. Wasn’t she just her husbands’ puppet?

It turned out that not much changed after his death, so maybe it was Cristina after all who was governing the country? On the other hand, loosing her husband made her human, and loved. People felt sorry for her loss, especially when she let the tears roll during her speeches.

It came as no surprise that she was reelected, with 53% by the way, all the polls had said that she would. And there wasn’t really an opposition (Binner, her biggest oponant, had only 17% of the votes).

But still I am surprised. Whoever you talk about Cristina; lawyers, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, carpenters and plumbers. No one likes her. Everyone blames her for about everything that is wrong in this country, and yes, there is a lot wrong here. Still she gets 53%. Who are those 53%?

Now let us just hope that the past years’ 6% growth was not just a coincidence and the growth this year and the next will be equally high. Let us hope she takes the right measurements to prevent the economy from over-heating, and please just let her stop the inflation (estimated around 20%)!!!

In less then 2 years’ time, the price of bread has more then doubled. In the same bakery the same bread now costs 9$/kg where two years ago it was only 4$. Let’s not talk about anything else as it would lead us to an endless list of complaints. Last year, having a 100$ bill was a problem, now prices are so high that the same bills just slip out of your hands, just like that.

She does not seem to have a problem with that. Me too I would love to have a pair of Louboutins, just one pair would be nice…

Good luck Cristina. Go for it, and please save this country that I love so much!