La Querencia

How on earth did she find this, is what you would probably say when you follow this recommendation and go for lunch or dinner in La Querencia in Monasterio. Monasterio is not even a town. Only 8 families live here in just a few houses next to la Ruta 2, there is an “almacen” (a shop), a chapel and a few other houses, in the middle of rural Buenos Aires.

The Almacen, called La Querencia (means longing for home) is now a restaurant ‘de campo’ where they serve high quality, home made food.

They don’t have a menu, at least they didn’t show us one. The waitress just asked questions wanting a yes or a no for an answer. You want picadas? Yes. You want empanadas? Yes. Pasta, milanesa or asado? For the asado we were too early, it was ‘only’ 9 pm, so we chose the milanesas de pollo.

The food was delicious, the best sausage, home made empanadas de carne, home made potatoe chips (a lot better then Lays), home made milanesas… We were completely full, but when Ariel Rocha, the owner, tried to seduce us with their home made flan with dulce the leche “Hecho con amor” we could do nothing but try, and he was right. The flan was great, the dulce de leche the best.

So all I can do is recommend this place. Maybe a bit too far for a day trip from Capital, but you shouldn’t miss out on this when you drive south on la Ruta 2. Drive till km 144, take the 1stn U-turn and go right on the mud road. You pass the railway, then it is on your right. Make a reservation. Tel 02242-432601

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