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Did you know that TinTin is Belgian? He is! He comes from the French, southern part though, not the Flemish part where I come from, although many Flemish (including my own kids) thinks he does.

Fortunately, apart from French, he speaks very well English. At least if you go to the late night show in the movie theatre. Then you get the subtitled original version of the Steven Spielbergs latest movie.
It’s a nice adventure movie, with Mission Impossible type of scenes, but then funny, and pirates of the Carabean scenes, but then I certainly prefer Captain Sparrow (or rather Johnny Depp) as he is far more sexy then Captain Haddock.

I avoid all action movies, as I really don’t like all those bloody scenes, but Mission Impossible is an exception to that. This last one I particularly like, as everything goes wrong. For once the mission really was impossible. Tom Cruise is (next to Johnny Depp) one of my favourite actors…