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I have been receiving complaints for not having posted anything lately. It is just that not just my body, but also my brains seem to have been paralysed. Paralysed from the constant heat. The weather has been “exceptionally stable” (read : hot) for the last few months, and it’s even becoming boring. For the first time ever I am happy I have AC, which I gladly put on. Still, I am praying for a good thunderstorm to cool things off a bit. But nothing so far. I guess I will have to fly up north to winter, to find some real relief…

Now I know why all the Argentines leave the city in January. The streets are empty, you can cross the streets even when the lights are red as there is no traffic anyway. Many restaurants are empty. Apartments are locked up. And when you want to organize something with your friends, you must wait. Until when? February? Probably better until March, when life will slowly get back to normal, and when temperatures get bearable again.

Now, one should be by the pool or on the beach… Will put that on my to do list for next year.