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Who is this guy? I had never heard of him before in my life, but every Argentine seems to know him. I see him passing on Facebook over and over again, is there anyone in Buenos Aires who did not go and see him???

Me I guess. I didn’t know who he was. His named popped up everywhere so I ended up asking “who is this Roger Waters?!” When they tell me ‘Pink Floyd’ I saw the light and I immediately thought “ahhhh! The Wall“?  A song I love, by the way, but what else did they write or sing? A famous name, but to me they were, musically, just a flash in the pan. I don’t know any other Pink Floyd-Roger Waters song. Maybe I am too young? Or too old ? (I prefer to think I’m the first) Or am I just musically ignorant?

Still he managed to fill up the River Stadium 9 times. Nine times he made 66.000 people get out of their chair and defy the traffic to get there. Did you ever see 66,000 people extra drive over an already saturated road during rush hour? Over half a million people went to see him. Almost as good as Clouseau who filled up the Sportpaleis for 13 nights in a row, but then Clouseau is probably the most famous band in Belgium… they scored one hit after the other.

When friends of ours invited us to go to see this Roger Waters, we kindly thanked and refused, and it turned out we were right, they said it wasn’t worth the hassle. They left during the intermission, after he had sung ‘the wall’ 3 times.

For the 69 year old singer Buenos Aires was certainly a success. Let’s just hope the 593,992 Argentines liked him too!

I am waiting for the next concert, something completely different, but that’s next week’s news.