Michael Bublé in Argentina…

Michael Bublé is probably a even less known than Roger Waters -I suppose that’s why he only gave 3 concerts in Luna Park instead of 9 in River Stadium-, but my daughter happens to be of his big fans so we went there together. He is a Canadian singer who covers a lot of oldies but as well has a few songs of his own. But I am not the connoisseur here.

Luna Park is a nice concert hall, not too big, not too crowded, and easy to reach. I was ready for a sit-down concert as I couldn’t imagine Michael’s songs make you do otherwise -my daughter usually puts his music on on a quiet Sunday afternoon-. I should have known better as soon as Naturally 7 came on stage to warm the audience up. An all vocal New York band, although you would swear you heard instruments, all you could hear were voices. They were absolutely fantastic, and for a second I thought that they are probably better then Michael would be. In no time they managed to let the audience sing along, stand up and do the weirdest movements. They definitely warmed the crowd up.

Then it was time for Michael Bublé to come on stage, and he did so very theatrical, and surprised me with his big band accompanying him. His voice is great, the music was perfect, the show was grand, and in between singing he made us laugh all the time -he definitely is a born entertainer! I had definitely not expected that! While I was filming some of his songs, my daughter filmed the fun intermezzos, imagine.

In the middle of the show a group of bodyguards lead him -while singing- to a little stage in the back, right next to us, where he posed and pulled funny faces for the hundreds of cell phones filming him. He played with the audience and the audience loved it. His Spanglish and his multiple references to his Argentine wife made him -of course- even more popular.

After the show you could go and meet the Naturally 7 guys, which of course we did, we bought their cd and got an autograph of all 7, dedicated to my daughter. We looked around to see if Michael himself was to be spotted, but of course he was nowhere to be seen.

It was an absolute great performance, the music was fantastic, and the audience was crazy, and on top of that we had a good laugh.
Next time he comes, you should all go and see him, even if you don’t really know him. All that is required is that you love jazz…

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