Be careful what you wish for…

This is what is a (American) friend used to say to me. He meant it. He didn’t say it jokingly. I am starting to take his warnings seriously : be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

I have been suffering a lot when playing tennis during this long hot summer. My teacher pitied me -the poor northern girl- and always tried to let me play earlier. I just couldn’t make it at 11 am and 35 degrees on a shade free court. It is just a little over the top for me. So bit by bit he managed to move my hour up, to 9 or even 8 am. 8am Became my favourite hour. Until today. Although the hot weather has left us a week or two ago, until last week it was still ‘pesadisimo’ as they say here. Our windows have been open all day and all night, for the last 3 months at least.

Until I said, last friday -loud and clear-, that I am tired of it. That, for a change, I want to wear jeans. I want to exchange my sandals for shoes. I want to wear a sweater. I want to cuddle up under the duvet, not on sleep on top of it. And I want to play tennis without loosing 2 kg of body liquids in one hour time.

That was last week. Today I left home as usual, in my tiny little skirt, at 7:30 am. I should have known. The encargado had turned on the heating. Normally he doesn’t do that till the month of May. That certainly was a sign. Then my maid advised me to put on long pants -but I though no, you haven’t seen me running on that court, have you? But I did grab an extra sweater on the way out.

It certainly feels like Antarctic winds have reached town, although the thermometer still showed a 11 degrees. My teacher was saying that he finds this cold “insupportàble”, while I was thinking that I want my hour at 11 am back. Fortunately he is a gentleman, he always is : I could play on the sunny side. That’s usually the most annoying side. This meant I didn’t see the ball coming, blinded by the low sun : but everything is better then freezing to death, isn’t it? Even after a full hour of running. And I played better then usual (hmm that’s interesting).

So finally I have what I wished for, and I should be happy, I can put on a jeans, a sweater and shoes! But OMG it is so shockingly freezing cold! I envied the people wearing boots and a coat, but that was just a little too much to my liking, I don’t want to be skipping fazes. I am not ready for the boots-faze yet! So I just stayed inside, close by the heating, waiting and hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Hoping that this is not the point of no return and that we’ll have a lot of magnificent autumn days, because autumn is supposed to be the nicest season…

15 responses to “Be careful what you wish for…”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I´m on vacation in Buenos Aires, and I brought summer and early-fall clothes, expecting that the weather would be much warmer than it was the last time I was here, May 2011. I was freezing today in Spanish class and on the street. And I thought I was escaping late winter in New England!

    • When we still came here as tourists around Easter we always brought summer-spring clothes.
      A friend of mine said that it is never cold during Semana Santa : it either rains or it is sunny, but never cold. So it should get better 🙂

  2. Were you here in 2007 when something kinda similar to snow happened?
    I was, and every autumn I start praying for another round of snow this year (I never lose hope).
    Let us hope 2012 is the coldest winter this city has ever seen 😀
    (I despise warm climates and sunny days, you see)

  3. I think is going to be temporary and by the weekend temperatures will be milder. But not that much.
    That’s the incredible thing of Buenos Aires, when it’s cold it’s colder than Ushuaia, and whem it’s hot is hotter than Iguazú. Once I’ve been in Ushuaia at -11°C and it didn’t feel as much colder than in BA…


    El marcado descenso de temperatura que se registró en las últimas horas en gran parte del país, por el ingreso de una ola de frío polar, provocó la marca térmica más baja de marzo, en los últimos 22 años, en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, con 8,1 grados.
    El Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) informó que esa temperatura tuvo lugar a las 7:00, mientras que por efecto del viento, la sensación térmica descendió a los 7,5 grados.
    El brusco descenso de las marcas térmicas se debió al ingreso de un ola de frío polar, la primera del año, que desde ayer a la tarde comenzó a sentirse en la Capital Federal.
    El climatólogo del SMN, José Luis Stella, dijo a Télam que “si bien la mínima de hoy, de 8,1 grados, no es un valor récord, es una temperatura extremadamente baja para el promedio de marzo”.
    El experto explicó que “la última vez que hubo un valor inferior a los 8,1 grados fue el 27 marzo de 1990 cuando se registró una temperatura de 6,3 grados”.
    No obstante, señaló que “el récord para el mes de marzo es de 2,8 grados, una marca que se registró el 30 marzo de 1964”.
    Sin bien Stella advirtió que “por ahora es la temperatura más baja en mucho tiempo” anticipó que “para mañana se prevé una mínima de 7 grados”, ya que la ola polar “generó valores absolutos muy bajos en la zona metropolitana”.
    El frío polar, “que afectó a la Ciudad de Buenos Aires desde ayer, llegó hoy a las provincias del norte, aunque con otra intensidad”, aclaró el especialista.
    A su vez, Stella consideró que “estas temperaturas no condicionan al otoño, es decir que, no por tener temperaturas tan bajas debemos hablar de un otoño frío”.
    De esta manera, explicó que “este ingreso de aire frío es normal en esta época del año, ya que es una estación de transición, sólo que en este oportunidad fue un poco más marcado”.
    “A partir del jueves irán mejorando las condiciones climáticas y, en consecuencia, aumentarán las temperaturas”, anticipó.
    La ola de frío polar provocó además la temperatura más baja del país en la ciudad de Bariloche donde a las 7:00 se registraron 0,2 grados, y los fuertes vientos provocaron una sensación térmica de 1,6 grados bajo cero.
    A esa hora en Villa Reynolds, San Luis, la temperatura era de 1,4 grados; en la ciudad mendocina de Malargüe, alcanzaba sólo los 2,4 grados; en la ciudad de Neuquén, de 3,1 grados y en Trelew, Chubut y Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego 3,6 grados.
    En San Rafael, Mendoza se registraban 4 grados; en Villa Dolores, Córdoba 4,6 grados; en Esquel, Chubut, 4,6 grados; en la ciudad de San Luis 4,9 grados, en San Antonio Oeste, Río Negro, y en la capital pampeana, era de 5 grados y en Río Cuarto, Córdoba, era de 5,6 grados.
    El SMN recordó que durante la jornada de hoy continuará el viento frío del sudoeste, aunque hacia la noche comenzará a rotar al oeste y mañana con una jornada todavía fría comenzarán a soplar vientos leves del noroeste.

    • Thanks for sharing this! Happy to know its not just me who feels this cold. BTW its less cold today. Probably because I am wearing warmer clothes today! (LOL)

  5. There’s always some cold days in april and then it goes back to warmer days for the next weeks. This time it was colder than ever but it’s only an amague.
    Después se viene el frío y agarrate, Catalina! Usualmente después de alguna tormenta fuerte…

    • Yes that cold day really shocked me (and everyone else I suppose), took us by surprise, I guess.
      And the terrible thunderstorm was last Wednesday, wasn’t it? Let the cold come! I’m ready for it now 🙂

      • Yes that was a terrible thunderstorm but there surely be another to make the temperature go down for good (good for you, LOL, I prefer warm days)

  6. I always preferred the heat, but this summer has been too long and too hot. But in a month or 2 I will probably start complaining about the cold and long for summer again, LOL!

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