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This is what is a (American) friend used to say to me. He meant it. He didn’t say it jokingly. I am starting to take his warnings seriously : be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

I have been suffering a lot when playing tennis during this long hot summer. My teacher pitied me -the poor northern girl- and always tried to let me play earlier. I just couldn’t make it at 11 am and 35 degrees on a shade free court. It is just a little over the top for me. So bit by bit he managed to move my hour up, to 9 or even 8 am. 8am Became my favourite hour. Until today. Although the hot weather has left us a week or two ago, until last week it was still ‘pesadisimo’ as they say here. Our windows have been open all day and all night, for the last 3 months at least.

Until I said, last friday -loud and clear-, that I am tired of it. That, for a change, I want to wear jeans. I want to exchange my sandals for shoes. I want to wear a sweater. I want to cuddle up under the duvet, not on sleep on top of it. And I want to play tennis without loosing 2 kg of body liquids in one hour time.

That was last week. Today I left home as usual, in my tiny little skirt, at 7:30 am. I should have known. The encargado had turned on the heating. Normally he doesn’t do that till the month of May. That certainly was a sign. Then my maid advised me to put on long pants -but I though no, you haven’t seen me running on that court, have you? But I did grab an extra sweater on the way out.

It certainly feels like Antarctic winds have reached town, although the thermometer still showed a 11 degrees. My teacher was saying that he finds this cold “insupportàble”, while I was thinking that I want my hour at 11 am back. Fortunately he is a gentleman, he always is : I could play on the sunny side. That’s usually the most annoying side. This meant I didn’t see the ball coming, blinded by the low sun : but everything is better then freezing to death, isn’t it? Even after a full hour of running. And I played better then usual (hmm that’s interesting).

So finally I have what I wished for, and I should be happy, I can put on a jeans, a sweater and shoes! But OMG it is so shockingly freezing cold! I envied the people wearing boots and a coat, but that was just a little too much to my liking, I don’t want to be skipping fazes. I am not ready for the boots-faze yet! So I just stayed inside, close by the heating, waiting and hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Hoping that this is not the point of no return and that we’ll have a lot of magnificent autumn days, because autumn is supposed to be the nicest season…