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The colors are changing, the trees turn yellow, at least some of them do. As the majority of trees don’t really lose their leaves, there is no real autumn feeling here. Nothing that compares to the colors I am used to while I was living in a forrest in Belgium. But let’s not exaggerate that, there the trees had these lovely reddish yellowish colors for a week or 2, 3, depending on the weather. Mostly hard rain and wind made them fall long before they were due, leaving us with the dark brown leafless trees for at least 6 months. The short colorful period could have been my favorite season, if only it didn’t come with the bad weather… And leafless trees under a grey sky are quite depressing, if you ask me.

Here autumn is supposed to be the nicest season. Very stable weather, still around 16-20°C, but sometimes the sun is accompanied with antarctic winds which makes you feel tempted to put on scarves, hats and boots. Other days it’s perfect to sit outside in T-shirts. The sun is mostly present. As usual.

I love autumn, especially after this extremely long and hot summer we had, this change feels good. And in case you haven’t noticed, one of the main reasons I moved here was the weather…