Its been almost 3 years since I moved here. So you would think my Spanish is quite good, wouldn’t you?

Actually, I speak Spanish, I read Spanish, I sing in Spanish, sometimes I even dream in Spanish. I am getting more fluent every day, trying my best to fit in the typical often used Argentine words like ‘viste?!’ ‘Miravos!’ ‘En serio?!’ ‘Ya está!’ But I am not advanced enough to put an ‘este’ between every 6 words nor do I use ‘Che’ or ‘Ni en Pedo!’  yet.

I go to school in Spanish and know the photography-terms in Spanish and not in English nor in Flemish. I call the girls chicas even though they all speak English with each other. I order in Spanish when I am abroad. I always say vamos instead of let’s go and que? to show my unbelief. Spanish has definitely become a part of my life.

Yes, I am quite pleased with my improvements. Or rather, I was.

This week classes resumed after an extended winterbreak. A new teacher enters the class and starts reading the names of the students.



“Maria Sol?”




the teacher raises her head and looks at me,

“De donde sos?”

I blink. Ya está! I say one word –acá- and I already blow my cover?

I look at my classmates and make the ‘what the heck’-sign, (swipe the back of your hand over you under-chin) and they smile and nod. Yes, it is that obvious. Hmmm. It seems like there is still a lot of work to be done. It looks like I will have to stay another couple of years, at least! Yes!