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Dos más dos is the latest -absolutely hilarious- movie by Diego Kaplan.
It’s about 2 couples, Diego and Emilia (Adrian Suar and Julieta Diaz) and Richard and Betina (Juan Minujín and Carla Peterson). They have been first friends for over 10 years, and the husbands are partners in a clinic. One day Betina tells the other couple that they are swingers, Emilia and Diego are both shocked but intrigued as well. Seeing how great Richard and Betina are as a couple (they are all over each other) and realizing their relationship could use a serious boost, Emilia wants to go for it too, but her conservative husband does not agree at all.

This leads to the most hilarious situations, where the 3 of them try to convince Diego, and even when they finally drag him to a party and several beautiful women are all over him, he still feels uncomfortable and refuses…

It is a great movie, even though the ending is quite predictable (but then what do you expect?).

Don’t miss this movie, in the theatre or at home, but don’t watch the trailer, it shows way too much of the movie!