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So today, to my big disappointment, she was mentioned again : the saint, responsible for the the heavy thunderstorms around the end of the month august. She is called Santa Rosa.

It turns out that she has completely lost track of time. She is due around the end of august, a few days before and after the 30th, and here she is tormenting us, day after day after day for a few weeks now, actually from the day I got back from my trip. It is so early in the month that I didn’t even think about her, although I was surprised there were such heavy thunderstorms in the middle of winter. Where I come from, they only occur after heat waves. That means they are quite rare. Now I lost count of how many times I jumped up in bed, startled by the loud thunderclap. Because here, because we are in the city and the concrete seems to enforce the loud bangs, and maybe because we live in an old apartment and the building shakes and the windows rattle endlessly, here it all sounds so much worse then where we used to live. Its louder and it seems to last forever.

Now today I was told that if Santa Rosa comes early, say, about a month early, that she stays all month. So we should brace ourselves for another 2 weeks of rain and… sleepless nights. Although one does get used to about everything, right? When a friend of mine complained about the loud thunders keeping her awake last night, I realized I had slept through them.

And I realized I have -again- Argentinized : I go out less and less and less… It rains too hard and even with boots and an umbrella you get wet.

So looking in my fridge, I know it is time for Santa Rosa to go and leave us in peace.