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burladero sustantivo masculino: barrier behind which the bullfighter takes refuge

So we passed by this place last week : you can’t see much through the windows, the door is closed, there is a security man. It’s a new restaurant. I don’t remember the name if the old one, only that it wasn’t worth going to for a 2nd time. We checked the menu of this new place and intrigued as we were, we decided to try it out.

The first impression was good, it is a nicely decorated place, with photos of bulls, bullfighters and soccer players. The theme is, just like the menus, undoubtedly Spanish. I hadn’t had Spanish food in years. We were seated and were asked -by 4 different waiters- if we would like to have the cider-of-the-house or a glass of beer. There were obviously too many waiters too eager to help. We probably arrived a bit early too.

The menu was tempting. Zarzuela, paella, deliciously looking tapas, papas braves, merluza….. Aargh! What to chose?
We chose for papas bravas to share as a first course. Perfectly baked potatoes with a spicy garlic sauce. It was absolutely perfectly spiced and super delicious. And zarzuela and merluza negra with green sauce as main course. It was all super delicious and very well seasoned, it was a big change from the  traditional argentine pizza-pasta-carne, usually spiced with not much more then salt, basil and maybe some oregano. (Nice but quite boring if you ask me.)

Although the restaurant only opened this month, and although its quite pricey, it was completely full. It is highly recommended. I guess you should best make a reservation.

El Burladero, Uriburu 1488, 4806-9247, their website http://www.elburladero.com.ar is still under construction.