What on earth?

Well guys, I need your help. google does not give me the answer so I hope at least one of you can!

These are fish, that I know. I even assume they are the famous ‘pejerrey’ you so often find on your plate. But what are they doing?? They make a hell of a noise splashing in the water. Are they mating (they certainly aren’t discreet) or fighting? But often they are 3…

Now I know why Argentines love to fish, you can just grab them, no patience is needed 🙂

Please somebody, enlighten me! Thanks!!! :-s

4 responses to “What on earth?”

  1. Most likely they are spawning…the males may be fighting in order to be with a female.
    (Hi, btw- first time posting but i’ve been following you since I read your post on the Jineteada…)

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