He’s coming!

Yes, he is coming. I am telling everyone I know, over and over again, that he is coming. And they smile. They nod. They already stopped answering a long time ago. They endure.

Who might it be, that everyone is so tolerant and never says “I know! You told me a hundred times already!!!”?

Well actually, it is my son, my firstborn, the one who moved back to Belgium last January, to start university there. I haven’t seen him since -apart from 4 days in July- and now he is coming home!

It is really the weirdest thing, how different it is seeing him at home instead of  ‘somewhere else’. I am constantly imagining him in different places in the house : sitting on his usual chair at the kitchen table, sitting in the sofa, finding his clothes everywhere, annoying his sister… and asking what the next meal will be when he has just emptied his plate. And each time I repeat, ‘I can’t believe he is coming!’

Yes, I just can’t believe it. After a 7 months absence he will be back, for 10 days. But he has definitely learned something during his short 2 years and a half of living in Argentina. When it comes to friends, there are no limits and no questions are asked. Hospitality has absolutely no limits. He brings 4 friends from Belgium, and his 3 best Argentine friends seem to have taken off from university to be with him. I have no idea where they will all be sleeping, but what a change it will be after 7 months of girls only, to have the house (literally) full of boys.

Yes. He is coming home. In case you didn’t hear me before… he is, coming!

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