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The name sounds like music. He was a Suisse sculptor, probably most known for his bronze, long and skinny, men and woman. A lot of his work is property of the Alberto and Anette Giacometti foundation, which lends out several works to different museums, either long or short term. Now a big part of the collection can be seen in PROA in Buenos Aires.

Some of his works were sold for quite a lot of money, the most expensive being “l’homme qui marche” which was sold for about 100 million dollars in 2010. Giacometti on one hand and his walking man on the other, were important enough for Switzerland to put both images on the current 100 franc bill.

He can now be seen in PROA in La Bocca, until the 13th of January. It is quite a compact but -as always in PROA- high quality exhibition. This exhibition can not be missed! And if you go, don’t forget to have lunch in the restaurant on the top floor where you seem to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy Bocca neighborhood.