Urban Art

MOS (Meeting of styles) are back! It is an international festival of urban art, founded in Germany in 2002, that travels the world. After cities like London and New York (and many others), they pass through Buenos Aires a second time. Both the ministry of culture as the ministry of public spaces support the event, and this year they decided the walls of San Ricardo and Santa Maria del Buen Aire (and others) in the neighborhood of Baracas needed a serious facelift. Urban Artists from all over the world traveled down to BA for this event, and during 5 days -nov 20 to 26-they worked on their paintings.

I went to have a look while they were still working, and nothing was quite finished, which I quite liked, although I should probably go back there now and see the final results… Wether you like Urban Art or not, this area of Baracas is definitely worth a visit now!

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